About-Me - Mathan Kesavan

Mathan Kesavan is a self-thought travel photographer who likes to take pictures of landscapes, cities and their people.

I first came in contact with photography at the age of 11 where I got s basic point and shoot film camera. Years have passed and during University I attended randomly photography beginner’s class. At that time and also with sites like flickr.com my old passion was reawakened. From then on I wanted to photograph during my spare time all kinds of subjects. Years have passed again and I have trained by myself what photography means with the help of dozens of books, hours and hours of youtube and blog search/lessons. During that time I learned how to control the camera, the scene and how to master software like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Currently I do three main things

- I work for several camera companies talking a lot about the techie bits of digital cameras at exhibitions or in well-known camera shops in Germany.

- I teach Adobe Lightroom to people who want to take the next step into creating beautiful images.

- Shoot weddings

With the time I have left I like to travel and shoot people and places which I love most.

Learning to catch the light and turning it into something beautiful in post never ends for me because it is a never ending road to get better and improve the art.

Thank you for your time

Mathan Kesavan

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